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Happy Tails – Success Stories

In May 2000, while in my last year of Veterinary School in Ecuador, I was involved in the treatment of a six-year old Mare with a deep laceration that involved her left tibiotarsal joint. The mare was initially treated with IV antibiotics, analgesics and wound management by the Equine veterinarian at the teaching hospital; I was the student in charge of the case. The wound was not healing as expected and the mare would not eat well; euthanasia was being considered.


We contacted Dr. Ana Falk, who was then practicing in Ecuador. She came to see the mare and prescribed a homeopathic medication to give in addition to what we were already doing. Healing became faster after homeopathic treatment was added, the mare started eating well and gaining weight. The wound healed with minimal damage. The mare returned to competition and breeding for many years. In 2010 I found that the mare was still alive and is now retired. Great Results!
Dr. Jose Castro, DVM
Knoxville, Tennessee


We are very fortunate that we had Dr. Ana Falk bring holistic pet care to Southeast Iowa.

We brought in one of our cats with a severe case of IBD (Inflammatory Bowel Disease) after trying many things and spending a lot of money to help him, with no success. Dr. Falk listened carefully and asked many questions before deciding on a path of treatment, which included acupuncture and holistic medicine. After only a few treatments, our cat has been in remission for 2 years.

We have since returned with more of our pet family. We appreciate her honest appraisals and evaluations on our pets’ health. We believe Dr. Falk’s ability to mix traditional vet care with holistic and acupuncture is a wonderful advantage to us.

Gene and June Schutte
Mt. Pleasant, IA

My husband David and I adopted Ladybug, when she was about a year old, in August of 2003 from our local animal shelter. Ladybug is smart, active, sweet, and loyal. She is a beloved family member.

On May 27, 2006, Ladybug became suddenly and gravely ill with a high fever and respiratory distress. We took her to the emergency vet and he saved her life with antibiotics. Two weeks later, and two weeks after that, she quickly developed the same symptoms and again, she was treated and responded with antibiotics. The emergency vet consulted with colleagues and our general veterinarian. They could not arrive at a conclusive, mutually satisfying, diagnosis.  Through the course of ten months, Ladybug was seen at the emergency vet, our family vet, and another local veterinary practice approximately a dozen times. She travelled to a larger city for a rhinoscopy and evaluation at a specialized practice.

Among the professionals and over the course of many months, a general diagnosis of COPD with a tendency to pneumonia was given.  Ladybug had endured critical illness, undergone complete physicals and many uncomfortable procedures and stressful emergency care, and was prescribed many, many medications.  We were very concerned about her well-being. Ladybug had been sick for a year.

One year in, I called Dr. Ana Falk. Dr. Falk did an intake over the telephone and then contacted the vets involved. On May 17, 2007, Ana Falk met Ladybug.  Dr. Falk listened carefully to my recollection of Ladybug’s history of illness and medical interventions. Dr. Falk listened carefully to Ladybug’s heart and lungs. She thoroughly examined Ladybug.  Dr. Falk impressed me on many levels. She had Ladybug’s attentive interest and complete respect. She prepared for our appointment by researching the case, consulting our stable of vets dating from 2006. Dr. Falk has a quick mind which assimilates information efficiently (imagine dogs and faxes and other practices and doses and dates and owners). Dr. Falk confidently and concisely states her recommendations and clearly articulates goals.

Dr.  Falk prescribed one homeopathic medication and one herbal supplement for Ladybug while she cautiously weaned Lady from several  prescription medications. Dr. Falk demonstrated knowledge and respect for her field in a global manner. She expertly and, seemingly easily, fuses alternative aspects of veterinary medicine.  Ladybug has thrived as she has integrated holistic medications and supplements into her system: we keep antibiotics and antihistamine in the cabinet but Ladybug has been to the emergency room only twice in the three years since we called Dr. Falk. We are able to contact Dr. Falk readily and receive rapid response. Ladybug has flourished under this professional, attentive, and intuitive care.  She is her active, happy self.  David and I are confident that Dr. Ana Falk excels in her field.  Our family will continue to rely on her expertise and her sincere holistic appreciation of, and approach to, the canine.

Dee Salisbury
Iowa City, IA

Two years ago, during the summer months, my five-year old dog, Katie Kisses, was having behavioral episodes when outside.  She would wiggle herself around and reach out to her tail area; this was on-going. I had taken her to our vet and was told that she “probably” had allergies to the grass.

Nothing was given to her at this time.   I decided with her abnormal body movements, I would seek out a chiropractor that cared for animals.   This led to my call to Dr. Ana Falk.

Dr. Falk promptly responded and made a home visit, examined Katie Kisses, gave her an adjustment and recommended a holistic medicine for her.  Dr. Falk also recommended that I call Katie’s vet and ask for some anti-inflammatory medication.   It was determined that she did have some allergies to grass and also some flea eggs were discovered around her rectal area.

Within a couple of months of receiving the holistic medication, Katie Kisses was back to normal and only occasionally suffers from grass allergies now and she is approaching eight years of age!

I have always appreciated Dr. Falk for her knowledge and caring of my beloved pet.
Thank you Dr. Falk,

Kathie Cramer
Coralville, IA

My dog has suffered from a variety of allergies causing hives, red itchy goopy eyes and hot spots.
We had some allergy tests run and were able to eliminate the hives by avoiding food allergens.
The other problems persisted due to dust and pollen sensitivities.

That is when we started working with Dr. Falk.
Dr. Falk prescribed a homeopathic medication that we give to our dog daily from spring to fall.

Her eyes have cleared up and her itching has decreased considerably!
I wanted a natural approach and a cost-sensitive solution.
I am happy with the results!
Many Thanks,

Iowa City

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